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What is Online PR Power your business with Online PR...
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Online PR

Online PR is not pushed at intended targets. Involving online dialogue, discussion and engagement between information transmitter and receiver, key messages are instead conveyed in a non-conventional manner.

And, because cyberspace is so expansive, communication must not only be skilfully presented in the right place, it must also be in the right platform, via a voice that is engaging, captivating and compelling.

To achieve this, Online PR involves presenting engaging stories about the business, contributing to online positive mentions that are in alignment with overall marketing and business goals.

The unique qualities and characteristics of online platforms enable interaction and user-generated discussion between business and target. And, if undertaken correctly, the viral nature of the Internet will ensure the word is spread (e.g. via likes on Facebook or retweets on Twitter). When a business gets this right, the benefits can be remarkable.

While developing an online presence is important, online reputation management is also essential. Business must monitor and manage what is being said about them, ensuring that the real story is being told.

What factors are critical to a successful Online PR campaign?

Many factors come into play in order to conduct a successful Online PR campaign. Timing, platform selection, audience targeting and a suitable style of voice all need to be right. Online reputation management is also a key activity of effective Online PR. All visible online mentions must be positive and relevant, enhancing your business' reputation and rapport with the intended audience. Communication must be strategic. That is, the buzz created should be in line with what was intended and predetermined objectives.

What tools can be used in Online PR?

One of the leading PR tools today is that of social media marketing. Already a "must have" for businesses wanting to remain competitive and engage with intended targets, there are thousands of available social media platforms. Not all of these, however, are suitable. From social networking to blogging, bookmarking to video sharing, Zanity has intimate knowledge and vast experience in their implementation.

Who can benefit from Online PR?

The answer, quite simply, is everyone. A PR campaign can be implemented for a myriad of reasons and with a range of objectives. Campaigns can be used to promote a celebrity; attract customers, investors or partners; recruit employees; or , be targeted at the media in general.

How is Online PR connected to Search Engine Optimisation?

Online PR is a core component of a successful SEO campaign. Applying relevant SEO techniques to the content generated is the backbone of achieving high rankings in major search engines.

Why Zanity?

With so many users online, effective Online PR is an essential tool for business to remain competitive. No firm understands this more than Zanity. Grounded in real objectives and continuing to achieve outstanding results for our clients, Zanity appreciates that Online PR is so much more than simple publicity and mass communication. This is why we only commence a campaign after significant strategic planning, ensuing that it is tailor-made to your specific business aims and creates the interest, rapport and reputation building that is so required.

To find out more about Online PR and how it can help your business, contact a Zanity representative today.

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