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Website Optimisation & SEO Audit (Health Check)

Confused about why your website isn't bringing more business your way?
Curious about how you measure up to the competition?
Ready to make some changes but don't know where to start?

It's time for a free, comprehensive Website Optimisation and SEO Health Check from Zanity.

When search engines use crawlers or bots to examine your website, they are looking for:

  • The relevancy of your site as it relates to keywords
  • viability of your site
  • content
  • tags
  • links
  • code
  • site structure

Following the search engine’s examination, the information gathered is analysed and the results determine your website’s ranking in the search engine page results.

For example, content headings must be properly tagged in order for search engines to easily find what your website or page is all about. And, it's best if all inbound and outbound links work properly and lead to other related sites. Search engines also look at the compliance of your site and the HTML code and structure. If the site has conflicting or an excess amount of code, search engines will possibly ignore your site altogether.

Optimise Your Online Presence with a Comprehensive Website & SEO Health Check

Zanity’s Web & SEO Audits incorporate all of the above elements and more. Our experts prepare a customised report that identifies existing and future issues and problems that are likely to be met down the track. We also provide recommendations in relation to available opportunities and best practice solutions. Our audits address a number of questions:

  • Is your website and SEO operating at optimal performance?
  • What existing issues is your website and SEO program facing?
  • What likely future problems will your site and SEO campaign run into?
  • Are you capitalising fully on the many opportunities that are available?
  • Are you achieving maximum return on your website and SEO investment dollars?
  • Are you outperforming your rivals?
  • Is your website fully optimised to promote qualified lead generation and conversion?

Zanity’s Website Optimisation and SEO Health Check is free!

To enquire about a Zanity audit, simply fill out the form on the side of the page.

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