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Practices and Processes: What's involved in ORM?

Practices and Processes of ORM

Zanity employs only the most recent, state-of-the-art Online Reputation Management (ORM) techniques.

Our services have been providing clients with effective online reputation and online profile solutions for many years, allowing them to continue to put their best story and image forward.

Making that all-important, good first impression is what ORM is all about. And, with Zanity's ORM service, our clients do just that. Offering solutions for even the most serious of online reputation issues, Zanity has a team of highly trained experts who advance positive listings, downplay or remove negative listings from the top ranking spots and provide ongoing monitoring and management.

Zanity provides two main services in the online reputation field – that is, Online Reputation Repair and Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Repair v. Online Reputation Management

  • Online Reputation Repair - A reactive service, repair involves the application of techniques required to downplay or remove negative online listings that are harming the reputation of your business, brand, product, service or employee. Online Reputation Repair ensures those listings that tell a positive story are promoted in rank. This can also include the development of positive listings and might involve the creation of a micro website, links, blog, social media profile and other content.
  • Online Reputation Management - This offers more of a preventative service, consisting of an initial repair and monitoring provision. It means that once a negative listing is posted online, Zanity is able to instantly respond to the reputation matter. Once established, it becomes easier to stay on top of reputation issues.

Campaign Steps: Online Reputation Management

Zanity's customised ORM campaign involves a number of highly-skilled stages, including:

Stage 1:
This phase involves evaluation – discovering where, when and who is responsible for the negative listings. How harmful the listings are and the relevant keywords in use are also identified.
Stage 2:
Listing Identification & Planning
The next stage involves working with our client to ascertain an inventory of what is considered to be positive or negative. Following this identification, we provide clients with an action plan that is implemented to repair and manage negative listings. In specific instances, this stage might involve consulting with additional third parties (such as legal counsel).
Stage 3:
Task and Pricing Milestones
This ORM stage informs clients of our strategy, key milestones and fees.
Stage 4:
Repair Process &Reporting Updates
The actual repair process typically includes advancing positive listings, thereby pushing negative listings from the top rankings; consulting legal representation where necessary (e.g. copyright breaches) ; posting information and content; search engine optimisation ; and registering additional relevant domains. Throughout the entire ORM campaign, Zanity provides regular updates to its clients.
Stage 5:
Continual Monitoring / Protection
The final stage in the ORM process is Zanity's ongoing monitoring service. This involves periodic evaluations, reporting updates and strategy modification where required.

Why Zanity?

Practices and Processes of ORM

At Zanity, our ORM strategies are systematic and 100% tactical. We don't do anything without pre-set objectives and research to back it up. That is why Zanity is a leading Online Reputation Management firm. We let our results speak for themselves.

Because each scenario is different, the length of our ORM campaign depends upon the breach. In many instances, however, our clients notice results as early as one day after implementation. Typically, obtaining maximum effectiveness can take anywhere from one to twelve months. Although Online Reputation Repair is a short-term solution, Online Reputation Management is ongoing.

Whether your business requires our Online Reputation Management or Repair service, Zanity is able to help. Contact one of our project managers today to enquire about this essential service.

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