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Online Reputation Management What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Zanity's Online Reputation Management or Online Profile Management service focuses upon brand, profile or image protection in the online space / environment (e.g. Google, Yahoo! and Bing). A form of risk management, Online Reputation Management prevents, repairs, monitors, mitigates and manages one of the most insidious forms of risk to business – damage to your brand name.

Online Reputation Management

Protecting your online reputation extends to negative listings about core business offerings, current and potential employees (particularly executives), business partners and online images.

Online reputation damage can take the form of flawed content or malicious information in an attempt to deliberately harm your brand. There are also times, however, when reputation harm can result from an honest mistake or factual information.

Whatever the situation, a negative listing appearing in the top rankings of search engines is detrimental and can potentially be extremely harmful. In most cases, customers, employers or investors are not concerned about truth or validity. They just accept the information.

Many businesses take the wait and see route – crossing their fingers, hoping that negative listings will automatically disappear from top rankings. The fact of the matter is they can remain highly ranked in search engines for years, being kept there by even more viewings.

It takes a concerted effort to remove negative listings from the top rankings. And, the best time to act is right now. Let Zanity – the Online Reputation Management experts – provide a scenario where only positive listings are associated with your brand, business and people.


Goals, Objectives & Outcomes of Online Reputation Management

Goals, Objectives & Outcomes – ORM

Zanity's ORM service is driven by specific goals, objectives and predetermined outcomes. Underlying these is our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, research surrounding best practice and our people's intimate understanding of what works and what doesn't. Click here to read more


Who and When: Online Reputation Management

Who and When?: Online Reputation Management

ORM is a "must have" for those individuals / firms experiencing negative online listings, especially in the top rankings. Act immediately. Don't wait until your reputation has been damaged. See here for more about who can benefit from an ORM campaign and when it should be undertaken.


Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

In a world increasingly being conducted online, the benefits of undertaking Online Reputation Management are becoming critical to business success. Find out the benefits of an ORM campaign for your business.


What's involved in Online Reputation Management

Practices and Processes: What's involved in ORM?

  • Online Reputation Repair
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Continual Monitoring & Reporting
  • Future Protection / Safeguarding
    Click here to find out more about what's involved in an ORM campaign.

Why Zanity?

Zanity has been the leading Online Reputation Management and Online Profile Management firm for many years. Our experience and skilled professionals are experts in the field of Search Engine Optimisation – the cornerstone of ORM. Zanity uses these skills to ensure negative listings are submerged under other pages, guaranteeing your best story is told and your online profile remains undamaged.

At Zanity, we stay on top of new search engine protocol and requirements, assuring our clients of effective techniques and what's acceptable to search engines.

Our ORM service is tailor-made to your situation, customising solutions and maximising outcomes.

Whether the listings harming your business are inaccurate, illegal or factual, Zanity has a proven track record in the effective management of your online reputation.

Over the years, Zanity has helped a broad range of industries maintain their online reputation. From international organisations to government executives, charities to politicians and celebrities, Zanity has been at the forefront of successfully managing online reputations.

Contact one of our project managers to enquire about our ORM service today.

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