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Zanity's Internet & Digital Marketing Audits Producing Best Performance Outcomes, Hard-hitting Campaigns


As with any other critical business activity, your Internet & Digital Marketing campaign must be monitored to ensure it's working to full potential.

Best performance outcomes and high returns on investment can only be achieved by taking stock and improving on what you're already doing or are planning to do.

The problem, however, is that many marketing campaigns go awry because there's no such monitoring system in place. This is where a highly valued Zanity Audit is the solution.

Whatever your type of business, your goals, whether you've an existing campaign or about to start one, or whether your campaign is failing or succeeding, the fact is that an audit can improve your results and outcomes.

Ensuring practice connects with real results, Zanity's customised Internet & Digital Marketing Audits:

  • Identify problematic and inadequate ROI activities
  • Uncover reasons for underperformance
  • Present solutions and available opportunities
  • Deliver strategic advice and quality recommendations

Internet & Digital Marketing is about the generation of qualified leads and sales conversion – in whatever form this may take. And the audit is a necessary tool that will get you there!

Pre-Strategy Audit

Pre-Strategy Digital Marketing Audit

Start your IM campaign off on the right foot...
Evaluating your online marketing strategy prior to implementation is one of the most effective planning tools, guiding highly functioning campaigns that are tailored to your unique needs. (Click here to find out more)

Internet Marketing Audits

Internet Marketing Audits (Health Check)

Find out how to improve your existing IM campaign...
Your current campaign not living up to expectations? Not pulling in the results you'd hoped for? The IM Audit (Health Check) will dissect, find problems, suggest solutions and get it back on track (Click here to find out more)

Independent Audit

Independent Digital Marketing Audit (Health Check)

Third Party | Objective | Unbiased Audits
Zanity conducts independent, third party audits, providing objective advice & recommendations. Unsure if your existing IM provider is delivering an effective campaign? Let Zanity provide peace-of-mind independent audits, giving you that all-important second opinion. (Click here to find out more)

Systems Audit

Systems Audit (Health Check)

Do you have the correct IT systems in place?
A powerful, reliable and secure campaign is only as good as the IT system it is run upon. Zanity's System Audit will identify existing and potential IT problem areas that act as barriers to desired outcomes. (Click here to find out more)


Why Zanity?

At Zanity, we perform the most comprehensive and effective audits in the industry. Undertaken to best practice standards, with theoretical knowledge and extensive experience second-to-none, our audits are performed in alignment with your business' needs, goals, objectives and customer base.

We understand that each and every business is at a different stage. We are also keenly aware that your business and campaign has different needs than your neighbours. At Zanity, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model.

Whether you require an audit prior to implementing your campaign, an audit of your current efforts, a third party review or an analysis of your IT system, contact Zanity today to discuss all your needs.

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